Competition rules

Application and selection process

1. Students from all faculties, state and private universities and higher education institutions in Nis, aged 18 to 26, can participate in the competition.
2. Project coordinators, active members of the Board of European Students of Technology Nis, as well as employees and associates in project partner companies cannot participate in the competition.
3. Applications for participation are open from April 9th to May 3rd.
Applications can be team or individual

  • A team can have 3 or 4 members. When applying, it is necessary to list all team members.
  • Contestants who applied individually will be divided into newly formed teams in accordance with the possibilities, by the organizing team.

5. The organizing team has the right not to accept the application of a particular team or individual. The selection of candidates will be done by the organizing team depending on the quality of the applications.
6. After closing the applications, the organizing team will make a selection. Selected teams will be informed immediately after selection process.


    1. All team members must be present at the opening of the competition, the presentation of the partner companies and the task, as well as at the competition itself.
    2. Contestants are expected to behave politely and respect other competitors and the organizing team.
    3. Competitors can use any programming language that supports the use of API requests
    4. T
    he entire solution must be made during the competition.
    5. Organizing team
    will be available at any time if there are any questions or technical difficulties.
    6. Consultations outside the team, organizers and mentors are not allowed.
    7. Dedicated time for programming a solution is 20 hours. Within 20 hours, the teams are obliged to submit solutions to the organizational team (using GitHub or GitLab). Along with the solution, the teams are expected to write brief instructions on how to run it.
    8. Contestants are not allowed to change their code after the time has elapsed. However, if at the beginning of the fight the program of one team shows an error, that team has the opportunity to correct its code within 10 minutes and send it back. If the team does not send the corrected version within the agreed time, it will be considered disqualified.
    9. If during the battle one team gets an error during the execution of the program, the advantage will be given to the team with a functional solution.
    10. The teams will compete in two groups. After the group phase, the semifinals, the third place and the final battles will follow. The team that wins the final battle will take the main prize.
    11. Food and drink will be provided to the contestants.
    12. Teams will be provided with a server that they can run locally to test their code.


      1. Contestants agree that their personal data such as name, photos and videos with their face can be used only for the purposes of promoting AIBG, BEST Nis and BEST Nis services.
      2. Contestants allow their personal data (CVs) to be passed on to the companies that supported the competition.
      Contestants allow the competition organizer to be entitled to the final code of the contestant.