About company

Our company develops highly innovative computer vision AI systems for applications in medical and life sciences with the purpose to help organizations to establish and grow their AI projects and take full advantage of their data, using the latest advances in AI to real-world problems. 

We are looking for experienced, creative, and responsible software engineers who will share our excitement at the opportunity to contribute to new medical advances that the latest technologies make possible. 

As a team, we cultivate a culture of playfulness but also devotion to rigorous science and if your profile matches these criteria, don’t hesitate to send your CV and join our vision!

1. Why develop a career as an AI scientist?

  • If you are interested in applying mathematical techniques to automatic problem solving in various fields and want to engage in multidisciplinary research, a career as an AI scientist is the right path for you!

2. What employment and promotion opportunities do you have for that career path?

  • We employ people in the positions of AI scientists, machine learning engineers, computer vision engineers from the Faculty of Electronics and Natural Sciences and Mathematics. We have paid internships for final year students and master studies.

3. What technologies do your developers use the most on projects?

  • Python is the most used programming language among our developers.

4. What is one thing that is unique about working in your company?

  • Paid education and mentorship program within the company.

5. One fun fact about your company.

  • With us, you will try the best beans ever 🙂



Website: Diffine

Contact person: Tijana Marjanovic 

City: Niš

Country: Serbia

Social networks: LinkedIn