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Apply for the AIBG Nis 1.0 and participate in the first innovative AI hackaton in Nis!

What is AIBG Nis 1.o?

AIBG Nis 1.0 (Artificial Intelligence BattleGround Nis 1.0) is an event in which students up to 26 years of age compete in creating programs based on artificial intelligence to control bots that will compete in a pre-prepared environment (game) designed by the organizational team.

The ranking of teams is not determined by the commission, but by the bots competing on the battleground. The number of teams will be limited to 8, and they will be divided into two groups of 4 teams each.

The group stage is followed by the semifinals, a match for third place and the finals. Contestants will not manage their bots during any time of the competition, the point is to make such a bot that it learns behavior and moves of the opponent’s bot, thus anticipating his moves and managing to catch him outwit.



May 7th and 8th, twenty-four-hour programming competition


Metropolitan University in Niš

The target group

Students up to 26 years of age of all faculties in Niš

Technologies / programming languages

Python, Java, Lisp, R, C ++ or any language of your choice


Creating a program based on artificial intelligence to control bots that will compete in a pre-prepared environment (game) designed by the organizing team

Rounds of the competition

7 rounds



80 000 RSD


40 000 RSD


20 000 RSD

Our values

unique approach

competitive spirit

coding for fun


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Filip Stamenković

Filip Stamenković

Main organizer

Mihajlo Petrović

Mihajlo Petrović

Corporate relations coordinator

Danica Stojanović

Danica Stojanović

Marketing coordinator

Damjan Denić

Damjan Denić

Topic coordinator

Katarina Tonić

Katarina Tonić

Logistics coordinator

Miljana Đorđević

Miljana Đorđević

Design coordinator

Ana Ilić

Ana Ilić

Participants coordinator


We are a specific group of motivated volunteers with a strong focus and a clear mission. We live and breathe BEST spirit which encompasses professional and personal improvement, developing interculturality, practicing team work and organizing events.

We treasure and value a sense of community and belonging, holding together through all adversities of student life like one big family maintaining motivation in innovative and fun ways, for who works a lot deserves to party a lot!

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