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About company

Sentian AI is an industrial AI company. We believe in the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive innovation and transform processes.  We help industrial companies to improve their operations by using cutting-edge AI and ML technology, to take them to the next level. We are committed to take you and your company further towards industrial competitiveness, optimizing your performance while simultaneously modernizing your production and planning processes. Simply put, we provide simple and intelligent solutions to complex industrial challenges and will lead you through it step by step.


Founded in the summer of 2016, after eBay acquired Expertmaker, by a team of highly skilled people, Sentian’s vision has always been to help large companies to transform their businesses by becoming algorithmically driven through AI and machine learning. Since then we have been at the forefront of offering cutting-edge technologies to our customers. We focus on adding value through self-learning systems that will improve even further over time. Throughout our journey, we have collaborated with several international partners and are continuously growing in various industrial markets across the globe.

1. Why develop a career as an AI scientist?

  • Practicallity: The traditional approach to software development, often called the “if-then-else” approach, has become too slow, expensive, and complex, and in some cases impossible, to solve complex solutions.
  • Potential: The great progress of hardware development in the last 5-10 years has enabled the practical and commercial application of AI technologies. The results of AI solutions have proven that the AI ​​system is in many cases more accurate, reliable, and faster than humans, and that it can solve problems that are virtually impossible to solve with a traditional approach (example: autonomous driving, cancer diagnosis, ecology, energy saving and other resources). , etc.).
  • Demand: Due to the proven capabilities of AI technologies and the values ​​they can produce in the augmented and autonomous mode of operation, a worldwide demand for AI scientists has been created. Therefore, there is currently a large deficit of data scientists in the world.

2. What employment and advancement opportunities do you have for that career path?

  • Sentian AI is planning to expand its office in Serbia, so it is very realistic to expect open positions in the near future.
  • In order to enable, encourage, and support the continuous progress and personal development of our employees, we have included several elements in our work process such as regular knowledge-sharing sessions, 20 mandatory training days (the topic is chosen by employees), pet-projects, etc.

3. What technologies do your developers use most on projects?

  • Of the ML technology, we mostly work with various variants of Reinforcement Learning, as well as with models for classification, optimization and detection of irregularities.
  • In addition to ML technologies, we also use the cloud service that is needed to be able to put models into operation, which means everything from data storage, through data digestion, to results serving.

4. What is one thing that is unique about working in your company?

  • We are one of the few companies that deals with advanced Reinforcement Learning (RL) technologies, which is why we spend a lot of time researching them.

5. One fun fact about your company?

  • We currently have 13 employees, 7 nationalities and we speak 10 different languages: English, Swedish, Serbian, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Finnish, Turkish, and Vietnamese.



Website: Sentian AI

Contact person: Nenad Pavlovic

City: Malmö

Country: Sweden

Social networks: LinkedIn, Facebook